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5-6 year old teams
Posted Jun 9, 2012

2018 Five and Six year old division.

Cardinals: Aiden Serina, Braylon Fairell, Nathan Smith, Gianni Keck, Kade Martin, Connor Evans, Gavin Koch, and Coach Serina 570-516-7833.

Panthers: Noah Runkle, Cuyler Whalen, Colton McClusky, Harmon Leshko, Brady Sverchek, Cole Chiccini, and Coach Runkle 570-617-0001

49ers: Samson Valenti, Jesse Russo, Violet Urban, Dlyan Fanelli, Alexander Fanelli, Colton Pritchett, and Coach Valenti 570-573-2891, Coach Russo 570-968-4140. 

Seahawks: Axton Kutsmeda, Cryce Chapman, Kellan O'Brien, Connor Owens, Shane O'Brien, Nolan Corby, Ryan Donnelly, and Coach Kull 570-640-4544.